Tak Hits Sydney

Tak Hits Sydney

Hi! All of you. I’m now up and running in Sydney!

I arrived on early Sunday morning. Thanks to Jeff, a friend of my sister, who picked me up from the airport, brought me to the major supermarkets, department stores. So, I know quite a bit the basics of living here. I’ve already stocked up bags of food for weeks, if not months: brown rice, noodles, carrots, sweet potatoes, rice milk, juices, apples and paw paw…

This first Monday is busy, too. Going to Nature Care College, i.e. my school, to meet the Course Advisor. Then to the Medibank Private for the member’s card of the Overseas Students Health Cover. I attempted to open the bank account, but it requires student ID card which is expected to issue in one week’s time. Instant photos were taken to get the student ID card. The OzEmail internet access is set up after much waiting on those hotlines and much trouble-shooting with the Windows setup. Financial matters and ‘ground rules’ for accommodation are discussed with the landlord (or actually the tenant coordinator, who collects the rents and pays it to the real landlord. I’m becoming more productive here.

I used to want to ride a bicycle before I came. But, its much uphill and downhill near my home, I’d better put the idea on hold. Walking on the slopes 15 minutes morning and night is already a good exercise.

The bedroom has not been too bright. My colourful new bed sheet has definitely brought much life to the room, but definitely not enough. I’m thinking of plants, crystals or pictures. The backyard is attractive. It’s a big lawn larger than a basketball ground. There is a big tree with much flowers and lots of birds visiting. Just sitting there is a pleasure.

Lastly, thank you once again for your concern. My internet access has not been very stable yet. It works only now and then. But, do write to me, I haven’t adapted to the very quiet surrounding yet!


PS please make sure that you are using this e-mail: ardenwong@bigfoot.com

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