Tak is Moving

Tak is Moving

Hi! friends,

I’m moving by the 10th February.

I’ve just received this message this morning: The landlord needs the room urgently for his brother, who has to move out within 7 days as his landlord is selling the house he lives in.

I’ve to search for new accommodation as soon as possible. Offices run short hours on Saturdays and closes on Sundays.

Meanwhile, please do not send me any items via mail. (like Valentine’s Day card or gifts!) As for phone calls and faxes, I think it is still OK. And, I’ll certainly tell you all when exactly I’m moving out and my new address and contact methods.

Though my present flatmates would forward mails to me, it takes time and brings him inconveniences. My bank document, health cover, correspondences from the school would already need his help. He has already been very helpful to offer to move my things with his car.

May I have your blessings for my new accommodation before the Chinese New Year, and hopefully before the school begins on 8th February.

For friends in the freezing Hong Kong, may I radiate some heat from Sydney and best wishes,


10:50 am, 4 Feb, 1999.


* * * * * * * *

After going to the College for advices, 8 or 9 estate agencies along 4 different train stations (actually they are some 35 minutes apart), visiting 4 different apartments, I’ve temporary chosen a single bedroom studio apartment. It’s very well lit, clean and tidy, with a even more spacious backyard than the present one. It’s 30-40 minutes train to my College. The landlord is an old couple. We are happy with each other. But, it still requires the approval of the estate agency. So, I’ll do the formal application tomorrow morning. Let’s hope for the good news in the coming couple of days.


18:43, 4 Feb 1999.


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