Sacred Chants Sacred Dances Sacred Music

Oct 6, 2007 (Sat) 2:30 pm – 5:45 pm
主辦:M V Reach Communications(恆達公關公司) 2512 0347/ 2504 1333


Jockey Club Lecture Theatre, Olympic House

1 Stadium Path, Causeway Bay, HK

Ms Josephine Chai & Ms Sherrie Hatfield
Master of Ceremonies

Videographer: Ms Mani Goel

2:30 pm Opening Ceremony

Prayer to Lord Ganesha

Krystal Chow, Intercultural Group

Welcome Remarks

Ruby T Ong

Managing Director, M V Reach Communications

2:35 pm Healing and Relaxing Sound of Singing Crystal Bowls

Visiting Artist – Katharina Bless

2:50 pm Kirtan

Khasa Diwan (Sikh Temple)

3:00 pm Hamsha – Jewish Song and Dance

United Jewish Congregation

3:10 pm Sufi Dance – No Dimension Meditation

A patterned centering dance which grows in intensity and is followed by whirling and rest. This practice is based on Gurdjieffian movements and the whirling movements of the dervishes.

OSHO Hong Kong Centre

3:25 pm African Ballet

African ballet tells stories using dance and music in a theatrical setting. African Ballet uses traditional African music, dance, song, and costumes to tell stories.

African Troupe – Choreographed by Professional Congo Dancer

3:35 pm Dancing through the Chakras 歡樂之舞

‘Ecstatic Dance’ – the oldest form of worship. The dance workshop is loosely based on (American) Gabrielle Roth’s 5 rhythms method. Like art, dance is a way of using the subconscious to process emotions.

Dr Sue Jamieson

3:55 pm – 4:15 pm Intermission

4:15 pm Chakra Alignment with the Singing Crystal Bowls

Visiting Artist – Katharina Bless

4:35 pm Scottish Country Dance

*Scottish country dancing is the Traditional Ballroom Dance of Scotland. This joyful social

dance tradition is not just for Scots… today people enjoy Scottish Country Dancing all over

the world. Dancers dance in sets of two to five couples. Everyone changes partners for each

dance so there’s no need to bring a partner!

HK Highlanders Reel Club

4:50 pm Sacred Story Telling

. The wisdom of the world’s cultures is traditionally shared in the form of storytelling where everyone, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the learned and the not so learned, can find a place. Stories entertain us, help us to grow, to heal, and to understand and honor the world around us.

Inspirational Child Care Educator – Tanya Dychkoff

4:55 pm Sacred Hymns: (1) Amazing Grace

(2) Joyful, Joyful, I Adore Thee

Heart of Eostre

5:05 pm Verses from AL QUR’AN

Kowloon Mosque & Islamic Centre

5:15 pm Zar – Egyptian Ritual Dance of Purification

Zar are ancient ritual and healing dance for body and soul. Movements of these traditional

dances of include spinning, upper body- and head movement. This dance is performed for the sole purpose of healing.

Oasis Dance Centre

5:25 pm BHANGRA 印度歡慶舞蹈

Originally, Bhangra is performed to celebrate the success of the harvest. Now people perform Bhangra at many other happy occasions. In the village with large drums called dhols, dancers circle round and round leaping and laughing, creating a dynamic atmosphere of joy and harmony.

Punjabi Youth Group

5:35 pm African Rhythms 非洲鼓表演

African Troupe

5:45 pm End of Programme

Indian Dance Art Print by Olivier Follmi

Ticket Price (票價) : HK $100

Tickets available at (售票處) :

M V Reach Communications(恆達公關公司)
Address: 21/F Jing Long Commercial Bldg

52 Tang Lung St., Causeway Bay, HK

Tel: 2512 0347/ 2504 1333


Tickets are also available at the following supportive outlets

Hong Kong

Ayurlife Tel: 9800 9307

Rm 202 Ivy House

18 – 20 Wyndham St

Central, Hong Kong

Dr Susan Jamieson & Associates Tel: 2523 8044

16/F Hing Wai Bldg

36 Queen’s Road, Central, HK

Healing Web Tel: 2922 3000

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Shakti Healing Circle Tel: 2521 5099
3/F Waga Commercial Centre

99 Wellington St

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Heart of Eostre Tel: 2366 0266

Rm 1106 & 1107 Hon Kwok Centre

No. 5 Observatory Court, TST, Kowloon

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