fu fai main room

LOCATION: Room 2203 Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Map


Fee: Starting at HK$500/2-hr. Add $250/hour. HK$1400/day (up to 9 hours). HK$1800 (up to 12 hours).

  • Setup time should be included in the rental hours
  • Suitable for a small group of 4-16 people
  • Size 3m x 4.6m (approx.)
  • LCD Projector / screen / stereo theatre system for Powerpoint, movie or audio.
  • One blackboard with chalk.
  • Unlimited supply of filtered, energized water
  • Good ventilation with open-able windows for fresh air; or air-conditioning
  • Toilets – one male and one female/disabled on the same floor
  • Conveniently located at 3 minutes walk from Sheung Wan MTR station.

Available during non-clinic hours of Arden (typicaly Wed, Sun and public holidays)


Fee: HK$150 /hour; HK$1000 /day (up to 9 hours) or HK$1250 (12 hours)

  • Suitable for one-to-one (or two) sessions
  • Size: 1.8 x 3m (approx)
  • Good ventilation with open-able windows for fresh air; or air-conditioning.

Payment & Cancellations

Full payment of the rental fees should be made to guarantee your rental reservation.
Cancellation or change of date made less than two weeks will attract charges:  0-7 days: 100%.  8-14 days: 50%.

Please contact for details and booking.

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